Teaching divination and occult arts

Teaching divination and occult arts

Not only is Kris a master of esoteric arts but he also teaches these art forms to those who are interested and genuinely wish to assist mankind. All services available on Accuratetarot are taught by Kris.

There are three stages in which Kris teaches these arts to people wishing to learn and master and ultimately practice by themselves professionally in the future. A person may opt for any of these three courses and all courses are independent of each other. All courses are available face to face as well online and over the phone. A person may choose whichever is most suitable.

The basic course is for 30 days or one month. In this, the concerned divination art is taught for 30 minutes every alternate day and modules given to practice. A person is slowly introduced to the art and how it functions and how it must be practiced. The do’s and don’t’s are stated and an overall environment of the occult is opened to the student.

The three-month course includes the basic course and here the person’s abilities are enhanced with live drills and secrets of the world of the occult are shared and how one must use these forms ethically and for the better of mankind.

The advance six months course includes the three month course and here a person is taught to himself/herself become a teacher of the arts. All aspects including discipline, energy, intuition, focus, interpretation, and reasoning are enhanced so that a person may practice the arts accurately.

If you wish to learn any of the occult arts, including tarot, runes, Astro-dice, numerology, etc then feel free to consult Kris and become a master and a genuine oracle.